Advanced / Specialist Freediving Courses

Course Outline

A.I.D.A. Four stars, six days. Instructor to student ratio 1:3


Here we offer at this stage two ways to go

EITHER the AIDA 4 star course for those wishing for a structured course carrying AIDA certification. This is a must for those wishing at some stage to become instructors.And carries full AIDA 4 star certification , a prerequisite for the instructors course.

OR for those wishing to prepare for either a record or a competion or just to work on a specific technique that is challenging you at present ,we offer individual coaching with all the safety backup required. As you choose the duration ,we need the maximum advanced notice you can give us .When we know your needs we will give you a quotation.



To construct for the competitive freediver and for the recreational freediver , doing more than 35 mts , a training regime individualised for your level in the discipline of your choice.

We ASSESS your current perfomance and identify your challenges and together construct a PLAN to surpass them.Together we decide what combination of dry, and depth work on the line or using our system of head down variable tables would be the most beneficial



This is the critical training for the advanced competitive freediver. These techniques represent the results of both scientific research, the distillation of our own personal experience of and the ancient science of yoga. These are the techniques that permit you to realise your full potential to understand and clear away blockages and control the mind.



Learn a breathing sequence specifically designed in cooperation with Vankatesh for freedivers for diaphragmic control , inurement to hypercapnia ,and control of the mind .We also teach cutting edge stretching techniques for lung /trachea and thorax, and specific stretches for the discipline of your choice.These stretches we consider vital to maximise performance and prevent injury ,particularly to the lung and represent the latest thinking on the subject from everything from Olympic swim training , fin swimming ,and yoga.



Focus on building great strength without great musscle mass AND a completely new core program with the inflatable “peanuts” essential for monofinners.



Taught initially dry and later taught in the sea using specific FRC and empty lung techniques to do away with pressure set points and improve advanced deep equalization,..We teach our own very effective version of the mouthfill that minimises the risk of swallowing the mouthfill , or soft palate lock up, or the need for aggressive scavenging , with the concurrent risk of trachea squeeze. Then we put it all this together using our head down variable weight tables.



The latest thinking on training the struggle phase of static and new tables correct use of existing tables hypoxic/co2 and empty tables



Hypoxic exercises

Cutting edge versions of hill repeats


The dry breath walk with the heart monitor .We learn to interpret the readings and manipulate the exercise to produce early onset of bloodshift and the lowering of the heart rate and a dramatic improvement of our stress breath hold ability

These exercises are for many the most accessible training for fitness and breath hold training, as although a partner is desirable it is not essential .



This focuses on breaking the “dive” down to its components and training each separately.In summer in lighter suits these components can be reassembled and integerated into your target dive.

Our safety system is second to none ,comprising counter weight and hoist.


Training sessions focus on:

  • Correct breathe up
  • Warm up what to do and not to do and individualising it
  • Mental training / relaxation
  • Style /technique
  • Rhythm /Speed /pacing
  • Tactics
  • Equalisation
  • – Head down variable (drops)
  • – Fin or pull depending on discipline chosen, to point of non deceleration ( pnd )
  • – Counting movements
  • – Variable tables for gaining depth
  • – Empty lung pull down descents (no weights) for equalisation and adapting to pressure
  • – Scavenging exs as in pool but a little deeper for recovery of cheekfill



Pool traing in a 50mt olympic pool and 4mt deep dive pit

This is for those wishing to improve in the 3 pool disciplines of DYN DNF and STATIC and to prepare for the sea and depth training

This includes sessions devoted to improvement of Style and learning drills and correct glide technique.

technical sessions ,take off and turning and well as correct weighting

Lactic / Co2 training and tables –Sprints for muscle conditioning , interval sprints for latic training, Pyramid training for Co2.

Advanced tables for static

Empty lung training in the pit to learn mouthfill ,air scavenging and getting used to pressure

The Freedivers offer the opportunity to very committed atheletes of any level to come and train with us for extened periods at exceptional rates

This maybe a once in a life time chance to test your potential or it might be a neccessairy period for an athelete preparing for competition or a record.

Also if you can organise a group we will come to you — this is by direct negotiation with us and can be arranged by email,we will guide you on how to set this up


!! Book immediately !!

Places are limited and you can pay with a credit card on Paypal