Instructors Course

AIDA Instructors Course in Eilat, the Red Sea with Aharon Solomons

Prerequisites for the Course:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • AIDA 4 Star qualification or the equivalent from an organisation recognised by AIDA.
  • An in date CPR (by a national organisation) or first responder PADI not older than 2 years.
  • An in date PRO insurance to cover students.
  • Be able to dive with Bi-fins and correct style 40 mts
  • Preform a static apnea of 4 mins.

All the performance requirements must be done with bi-fins. The course is a highly intensive course 9- 12 days depending on the number of students. The objective of the course is to teach how to teach, to guarantee a minimum level of personal performance, to understand the ethics of instruction – To increase your personal knowledge of freediving and to familiarise yourself with all the AIDA courses and procedures. AIDA is the elite international organisation, founded and run by freedivers. It is the ONLY purely freedive organisation. AIDA alone records all the freedive records both National and International and determines the rules for competition and all the safety rules and protocols.