Freediving courses in Eilat, Israel



Eilat is the Freedivers home base.


Eilat is situated at the most northern point of the Gulf of Aqaba, the eastern arm of the Red Sea. It is Israel’s southern point. The Great Rift, a giant geological fault passes underneath the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba making it a very deep sea. The sea is nutrient poor which accounts for its excellent visibility.

Because of the depth the water there is no great seasonal temperature fluctuations. A 3mm suit is a good choice all year round except possibly in summer where a thinner suit might be preferred. Other good news for freedivers is there are no dramatic thermoclines as in the Mediterranean. The Red Sea is probably the best all-round venue for free divers in the world. Eilat does not have hurricanes, which make planning a holiday or training period in the Carribean or other tropical venues, problematical.

We teach theory for our courses and discuss training plans at home and drive, only a few minutes, to our various dive destinations. At every site there are bathroom, shower and changing facilities.

We offer, year round, AIDA courses of all levels up to and including Instructor and also we have our program for Elite freedivers coming for extended periods to train for records. We also offer training days to solve specific problems and for those who have a partner we hire floats lines and weights.

To the north of Eilat beginning at the edge of the town is the stunningly beautifull Arava desert. The Arava, within easy reach of the town has desert tracks marked out and colour coded by the Nature reserve authority, maps are available listing the length and time of each trek and their difficulty. Some are for the more athletic, taking you down to a desert water source by way of a crack in a cliff, and through a underground dry water course.

The desert has its own fauna. Ibex and antelope, desert foxes and rarely a leopard. It is on one of the great migratory paths from lake Victoria in East Africa following the Great Rift, passing north through the Hula Valley and eventually to Eastern Europe and Asia. Twice a year there is the breath taking spectacle of thousands of eagles and hawks wheeling in the thermals over Eilat, the great migration of the raptors.

There are a wealth of historic sites in the desert, Timna the Ancient Egyptian and pre Egyptian copper mine, well worth a day treking around the well marked sites. The Dead Sea an easy days journey from Eilat is not to be missed, and by the shores of the Dead Sea, the ancient Jewish strong hold of Massada, and the caves of Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the Wadis.

Eilat lives in peace with its neighbour Aqaba in Jordan the towns are only several hundred meters apart. Thus visits to the historic Red city of Petra in the desert north of Aqaba are possible.

Eilat is a modern city in the sense that all the conveniences of a western European town are available, a wealth of Hotels and hostels, and restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world. Eilat has a broad assortment of bars clubs and night life.

The undersea Observatory in Eilat, with its widows looking out under water give all the family a chance to see the Red Sea corals and tropical fish. Unbelieveably there is an ice rink in Eilat open to the public. There are endless entertainments for a family including and not confined to Kings City for children.

Eilat has become an international venue for triathlon competitions and recently the Iron Man, and other sports.



Freediving courses in the Red Sea

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