Beginer Intermediate Freediving Courses

Course Outline


A.I.D.A. Two stars, 3 days, 16-20 mts Instructor to student ratio 1:3


A.I.D.A. Three stars 4 days,24-25 mts


AHARON and ALINA are in Eilat, Israel

Maria-Teresa (MT) is in La Paz, Mexico


The AIDA 2 star course begins from entry level to 20mts, passing level is 16mts in good style.

The AIDA 3 Star level is to 32 mts passing level is 24 mts in good style

Disciplines followed in the course:

  • Constant Weights – bi-fins
  • Free Immersion
  • Static and Dynamic


Elective disciplines:

  • Unassisted Constant Weights
  • Dynamic without fins


There are 3 theory sessions in the 2 star course, covering:

Physics, physiology, hydro-dynamism, breathing, relaxation safety and equipment.

There are also 3 deep water sessions and 1 session in dynamic and 1 static session.

In the 3 star course

For further information and reservations please, email.


Please Note:

A theory review can be completed for those having done Static courses or other courses to include: physics, physiology, the respiratory system, the behavior of air spaces, diving reflexes and responses. Also, for prior 2-Day Static Apnea clinic students, intensive water-work will be added to replace theory already covered.