Freedivers are teching three advanced courses in the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel in July. The minimum prerequisite for those wishing to attend is 40m CTW. The objective of the course is to teach all the advanced techniques for the competitive freediver to demonstrate how depth can be achieved and obstacles overcome. And to arrive at a logical incremental realisable program for your personal development. places are extremely limited. Book now!
-First course 9-13 July – 1 place available.
-Second course 16-20 July – FULL
-Third course 23-27 July – FULL
-Fourth course 29 July – 2 August – 4 places available.

Subjects to be addressed :
> Full cheek fill , not many people do this correctly , When ,where , how.
> Cheek squeeze equalisation
> Air scavenging and recovery after cheek fill
> Discussion of “flooding”.
> Training for depth Variable weight training and tables to increase depth.
> Static at depth pros and cons .
> very important mental training for depth
> Focus and dispersed focus
> Tactics for depth
> Pool and dry training for depth
> Yoga and pranayama for depth
> Diet , rest ,hydration
> How to increase your resistance to cold .
And much much more