The Freedivers ,Aharon Solomons , are returning to Israel on the 14th June 2011 and will be running Advanced Training for Competitive Freedivers.

Aharon will be teaching a program of 4 star AIDA courses.

Aharon will also be conducting trouble shooting weekend work shops in all the competitive disciplines .

The program is totally focused on individually solving YOUR individual challenges.

The subjects will include –

  • Mouthfill we have our own very successful technique for teaching this . That we have taught to many national champions we have grown over the last few years.
  • Frenzel and BTV for those still struggling with these techniques.
  • Stretching for the competitive diver.
  • Tactics for the deep diver.
  • How to construct a training program with your own limitations of facilities or available time .
  • Advanced breathold training.

The Freedivers will also publish a program for 2 & 3 Star AIDA courses.