Walter Chivescu came out to join us on 28th Sept for 14 days training in FIM. I had met Walter nearly a year ago and was extremely impressed. Walter is the Master (Captain) of a very large tanker. Walter is a man of many facets, an old world Gentleman, an extremely educated man and an extremely nice one.

Walter had been to Eilat on 2 previous occasions for training with another instructor for periods of 10 days. He had not succeeded in mastering the Frenzel technique not withstanding intensive research on the internet and the ineffective efforts of his previous instructor who apparently couldn’t find a solution and actually Continued…



On the 30th September David Kent arrived from the UK to spend 9 days with us training equalisation at depth David is the current UK recorder in CNF at 66mts, he had for the previous 2 months been part of our remote coaching program, and so he arrived well prepared both physically and mentally. In the remote coaching program we had worked intensively on flexibility, which is critically important for easy equalisation at extreme depths. He had also been learning our version of the Continued…