The Cortez Cup Challenge was conceived to give my students a chance to experience competition , to make marks and break Mexican National records. In this we had a resounding success 6 National records broken by 3 of the Freediver’s Students . There were no Blackouts and no disqualifications in this competition .

In my estimation we had a narrow window of opportunity before the Northerly winds and winter water temperatures put an end to our aspirations till the summer of 2011.

One of the problems we faced was lack of personal equipment by all the students .Only Estrella and Gonzalo had equipment , Estrella had an excellent monofin a very good suit provided by her sponsors Costa Baja. Liquid goggles, neck weight, weight belt and nose clip were provided by her trainer, Aharon. Gonzalo had complete equipment, but Esteban had only a suit so was limited to doing dynamic no fins in the pool and Free Immersion and Constant Weight no Fins in the sea .