I couldn’t respond to this terrible news till now, frankly I was too angry . Why Patrick Why? A question we all know the answer to and one that will never be answered. I first met Patrick in Ibiza in the international competition in 2001 . The first thing that impressed me about Patrick was that he talked straight and later I was to learn he was a person of great integrity. Also he was generous as a friend.

There was a soft side to Patrick a genuine kindness. A part of Patrick was formed by his martial arts background, a code of honour to use an obsolete word. We had on many occasions revolved in the same areas of the world – Mexico, the Red Sea and as is inevitable in freediving associated with the same people.

Patrick was a gentleman, and someone who was unafraid to walk his own path, he will be a tremendous loss to freediving. More, I think, than many understand. He perfected a technique of equalisation originated by Pipin and he always gave him credit as the originator, he was always modest and gave other people their due. His movie on the “Ancestors”, which in other hands could so easily have turned into a tool for self glorification instead it was an ode to those who went before us into the depths, and thus he let us share the magic and the majesty of our history.

I can only express my deep sadness and sympathy for his family, I know nothing we can say can help, but know that there are those around you who loved and respected him.