Writing has always been a challenge for me and inevitably gets postpone until it becomes irrelevant. However, two weeks ago Harry Chamas did me the great honour of coming up from Dahab to meet me. I was already predisposed to like Harry, from his writings, and from what Alina told me about him from her visit in Dahab last March. And from what I knew of his history as a Royal Marine, and also from his youtube channel.

We discussed RV versus FRC training at length and found our positions were not all that far apart. The worst of it is there is a dearth of scientific information to support any proposition. It must be, today, an exchange of observations and supported at best by a very few relevant scientific articles. Our discussion began by defining the separate objectives of RV and FRC training – and they are not identical. We talked about how a lot of this training is misunderstood and Continued…