We will be discussing the Mental aspects of freediving, and how it inter-relates with the psychological, and how both together work with the physical.

For the basis of discussion here, let us define the Mental as our doing and not doing with the mind so as to set up the most favourable psychological state for approaching a performance.

For the last 12 years we have had a saying on our web site “We have long since passed that which is achievable by purely physical excellence and are now into the Tierra incognita of our mental potential.” Continued…



I am more and more frequently asked questions about lung squeeze. For some reason, incidences of lung/trachea squeeze seem to be getting more frequent .

This can be frightening if it is not better understood. Most of the “lung” squeezes, are in fact, micro tares of the small blood vessels in the Trachea .

Pulmonary is, in fact, much rarer in freediving. The symptoms of Trachea squeeze are coughing on surfacing, blood in the sputum, dark red in color, blood from the lungs is pink and sometimes frothy. Continued…