It has to stop NOW ! this obscene slaughter of Pilot Whales in the Faroes. There are endless stories of pilots guiding mariners to safety. These are miraculous creatures about whom too little is known. These are creatures of great intelligence. What are the reasons for this disgusting spectacle? These are sub human sadists conducting this stupid massacre. Danes are you proud of your countrymen ? Is this what you are ? Eli Weisel a holocaust survivor said he could understand the sadists in the camps but never the blank silent stares of those that watched the trains go by . Where are your voices?

Where are the voices of the Danish freedivers who pretend to love the sea and its creatures ? Are you all so busy selling leashes and books ? Or do you not want the responsibility of standing up and saying what needs to be said and maybe becoming unpopular in certain circles . Perhaps take an example from William Trubridge ,who in saying his piece in defense of Hector’s Dolphin proved he was not an invertebrate and actually cared.

Also where are the voices of the Japanese freedive champions while the sea bleeds yet again in Taiji ,and mother dolphins witness their young slaughtered in front of their eyes by these thugs and cowards.

Watch these savages perform in front of their own children. Is this a human being? I am ashamed again to be one! Why? the meat has been declared by their own medical officer as inedible. Tradition ? did their ancestors use power boats. These are no more than beer gutted scum on a rampage.

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