Aharon is teaching advanced courses in Eilat, Israel in December.

These courses are basically aimed for people who are doing 30-35 mt, and who are sucked there,

either by equlisation problems, or pressure problems, or mental/psychological difficulties .

No special fitness level necessary to pass this very common barrier.

After this comes the freedom and a real chance to enjoy deep diving, and explore your potential.

Advice will be given on how to prepare during this winter for a summer of great achievements.

The dates are:

3rd-6th or 7th December

10th-13th or 14th December

17th-20th or 21st December

Each of the courses advertised are a four day courses.

Each course has an option of an extra day at the end only.

The price for the 4 day course is $500 USD

The price for the 5 day course is $650 USD

The subject addressed:

  • Full cheek fill, not many people do this correctly. When? Where? How?
  • Cheek squeeze equalisation.
  • Air scavenging and recovery after cheek fill.
  • Discussion of “flooding”.
  • Training for depth; How? When? How much to “push”? When to increase max?
  • Variable weight training and tables to increase depth.
  • Static at depth pros and cons.
  • Very important mental training for depth.
  • Focus and dispersed focus.
  • Tactics for depth.
  • Pool and dry training for depth.
  • Yoga and pranayama for depth.

A full training plan for increasing depth


  • Diet, rest, hydration.
  • How to increase your resistance to cold/
  • And much more.

!! Book immediately !!

Places are limited and you can pay with a credit card on PayPal.

Each course requires on booking 50% non refundable deposit.

The balance can be played in cash dollars before the beginning of the course.

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  1. Alina TsivkinMay 15, 2011 @ 8:35 am

    It’s about time to come again, don’t you think? 🙂
    Tell us more!

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