Okay, this is an update from freedivers. This, for me, is an absolutely golden
period in Eilat. My son, Zev Solomons, who is 19 years of age has come back to Eilat, with
the idea of living here. And Zev is a very accomplished swimmer and freediver.
And he’s brought with him his new fiancée. A very beautiful, blond Romanian

girl called Iulia Precup, who we’ll see quite a lot of. Who is very enthusiastic about
freediving. She never tried it before, and she seems to have a great natural
aptitude for it. In a very short period of time,
she passed her two star course. She has done everything with beautiful style, and
the prospects for the future look extremely good.
She went from two minutes, two and a half minutes, now three and a quarter minutes
static, and is progressing extremely rapidly. This is going to be exciting to
watch. She’s a girl who has the potential, the drive to be a competitive freediver.
And it’s a great pleasure for me, and a great challenge, to try and help her as
much as I can on her way. And Zev is doing everything in his power,
to help as well. And watching them both, perform as a beautiful team in the water,
is…it’s a source of delight. I mean this is one of the beauties of
freediving. But it’ll be really interesting to see which way it goes.
Zevi, of course was born into a freediving family. That’s myself and
Maria Teresa, his mother. Who’s also a competitive freediver and AIDA
Instructor Trainer. So he’s had some advantages in the thing. Zevi was almost
born into the freediving way of life. At two years old he was in a camp, in Baja
California in Mexico. Which was a hundred kilometers from the nearest town, from
the nearest internet, shop, telephone. Anything. All it was was desert by the
sea, with a few scattered families farming or fishing families back in the
desert. And he was brought up in a camp there, where we’d go into town once every
10 days to reprovision. And we lived very much the freediving life, in one of the
richest areas in the world. And this persisted all through his teens, and
it’s quite a story. So he’s not new to the subject. He finds his own enjoyment
in it. And it’s a source of great pleasure to me, to witness and
accompany this. So we’re going to see quite a lot of them on the free divers
blog. I hope you’ll enjoy too.

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