keep-calm-and-book-nowAharon Solomons will be conducting a clinic in Dahab, Egypt from 15-18 th August.
The subjects will be:
. Very deep Equalization – the technique – how to train it.
. Tactics  – When to fill – when to top up – Training issues .Stretching . Dangers , squeezes.
. The glide – choosing the tactics for you ( a 2 or 3 stage descent ) or whatever suits your capabilities physically and mentally.
. Specific training  for depth – how to construct a plan.
. Mental preparation for competition
There will be 1 water session per day in the Blue Hole . And a personal evaluation after it .
There will be 1 theory session per day discussing the above subjects .
And 1 question and answer session on any question of your choice.
          The price is 350 Euro per person places are limited to 4 people

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