Jacob first came to do a course with me in Mexico 2 years ago. Jacob is the skipper of a very large private yacht, he was a surfer and a good swimmer.

Jacob’s work doesn’t leave him much time for freediving, but he tries every year to spend 1 month at his favourite sport.

Jacob has passed 43mts in his chosen discipline of CNF, he wants to do 50mts, his challenge is in improving his mouthfill. We agreed the best way to improve his equalisation was by doing totally empty lung descents, not to be confused with FRC which is diving after a passive exhale.

Here Jacob is pulling down to 10mts, totally empty. This physiologically and from an equalisation point of view is exactly equivalent to a 60mt dive .

He goes slowly because all the physiological changes take place in a very short period of time.

After each dive we discuss his sensations, what stopped him and what happened to the air in his cheeks.

Notice he is not wearing any weights when doing empty lung exercises this is both unnecessary and also an important safety precaution while doing empty lungs.

He finishes the session by doing a full lung dive to the bottom by the satil ( missile boat ) for fun and light relief.


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