video thumbnail1This is the video on my thoughts on deep equalisation! Long promised, hope you will enjoy it. It is not the magic bullet, but part of a strategy for depth. It is amazingly simple, but still may not be that simple to learn from a video, in which case the fault is mine and not yours ๐Ÿ™‚



1453465_622774681111460_875708897_nHere is a video about stretching with a 10 inch ball.

Hope you will find it usefull.

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I want to thank Konstantin Yaroshenko, a friend of the Freedivers for his monumental work in cataloging the webinars – do hope this helps.
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So I put together this video from people all over! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aharon was very surprised, and loved it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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20141002_15355Hi everybody!

Here is an old video, that we’ve edited and uploaded just now. We hope you’ll find it helpfull.

Pay attention that the new type of neckweights for pool disciplines are different from the ones in this video.

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DCIM100GOPROThis was one of the “funnest” courses we had!

lovely guys!






Itโ€™s been nearly a week since the golden day when all three of my divers did PBโ€™s. The sea was an invitation 25 degrees, beautifull clear visibility no current and very little waves. It began with a 300 meter swim to the point we deployed our buoy. Warm ups were very limited, Walter Chivescu went first with his dive, we had been working on the pacing and tactics โ€“ when to begin the glide. Walter was comfortable with an ascent and descent rate of 0.8 mts per second. It turned into a beautifully planned relaxed CNF dive to 43.2 mts.
Jeroen had been consistently been improving his CWT in Bi-Fins, he has a very elegant and effective style, his equalising had been consistently improving with methodically increased depths. He had an excellent dive to 36 mts, with all the pieces in place.
Mikhail was the last to go absolutely no dramas here, a beautifull controlled descent with great style and pacing and completed a PB of 36 mts CNF, Mikhail has much more in the tank.
All the team completed their dives with perfect surface protocols, and no blue lips. Well done all! I take my hat off to all 3 of you.



J-A-WThe 6th day of training for my 2 Giants – Walter Chivescu and Jeroen Van Haudt. We had been doing a lot of empty lung training, to acclimatize to pressure. Learn my advanced technique of equalisation for depth, and get used to the noseclip. Yesterday the sea was perfect, 20mt visibility, no current and the surface like glass. The white line, a thread, an invitation into the deep blue, there were smiles exchanged, I felt a surge of joy and knew it would be a good day. Things began slowly, each wrestling with Continued…



frenzelThe idea for this video came by way of a chance encounter, it was I admit something that had been rattling around in my head for a long time, but I have a great talent for procrastination. Several people had suggested I tackle the subject. The โ€œFrenzelโ€œ, it is a basic technique specific to freediving. It came to my attention, many people fail the AIDA 2 star course that has a depth minimum of 16 mts by failing to cross this hurdle. People were coming to me after courses, having tied themselves in knots worrying about their soft palate their epiglottis and tongue position. All unneccessairy! Get the tongue action right, and the rest follows automatically. This – you can teach yourself with a flash light in front of a mirror with a bit of persistence.
There is so much confusion out there – it sounds like the tower of Babel, this is what at first put me off adding just another opinion to mess.
Then I met Continued…



DCIM100GOPROย  Well I just had to! ๐Ÿ™‚

The shot of Robin van Persie went through so many photoshops lately, that I had to do another one ๐Ÿ˜‰

“The underwater flight.”


“As Above – so below”