This is an excellent exercise for training FIM (Free Immersion). The one shown, is for very advanced divers. However this can easily be adapted to your specific objectives.

  1. Elastic Yoga band 15 cms width – 160 cms long ( see Dyna-band web site ) either their stiffest or next one down
  2. Standard toilet roll or any other stopper – a knot in the middle of the band is not a good idea !
  3. One yoga mat.
The Exercise ( see attached photos )
  1. Lying on the back gasp the ends of the band in each hand and with straight arms pull both ends to the hips.
  2. The exercise should be done on full lung breath hold without packing.
  3. Pull with a steady rhythm for 0:30 , then stop and keep holding your breath for 1:20. Then still holding your breath, keep pulling till you can no longer hold.
Recording the exercise
  1. The exercise should be performed with a heart monitor ,comprising a chest strap and watch , NOT taken from the finger etc.
  2. The heart beat should recorded:
  • at the end of 1 minute ventilation
  • at the end of the breath hold just before you take the first breath
  • During recovery while breathing immediately at the end of breath hold ,watch the monitor ,it will rise then fall. remember the highest number and record it
  • Record the total time of breath hold
Training rhythm
This exercise should be done 2 to 3 times a week and with 1 additional session done on RV without the static phase each session should be not more than 2 repetitions.
To get to 0:30 pulling 1:20 hold and pulling while still holding the breath for an additional 1:30 in the RV version the objective is to get to 2 mins pulling this simulates 100 mt dive training  breath hold and  lactic tolerance.
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