The advantages of the of the

“Freedivers” Counter Weight system are:


The counterweight itself of 30kg is actually 2 weights of 15kg each. One of the weights is permanently suspended from the bar by a stainless steel ring that allows the weight to travel independantly down the line.It is released in an emergency by a snap shackle.

As there are equal weights of 15kg at the end of the dive line and on the other side at the end of the counter weight line, adjustment for depth is easy .

Opening one of the clutches in only 1 direction it can’t slip back, thus making depth adjustments easy and very precise.

As the unit is independant of a boat or a raft there is minnimal risk from overhead obstruction for an ascending diver. It can be deployed equally easily in a lake or on the sea.

It is very easy to travel with as the whole unit weighs less the buoys line anf weights about 5 kg. All the parts can be dis mounted or reassembled in less than 5 mins.

It requires nearly zero maintenence, only rinse with fresh water after use. All moving parts are either plasticor stainless steel. A dive flag can be easily mounted on one of the floats.

We use the counter weight on all our courses and training sessions where the depth is in excess of 40mts.

Safe diving and great aspirations and great deeds for 2011!

All thepictures are clickable.

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