It’s been nearly a week since the golden day when all three of my divers did PB’s. The sea was an invitation 25 degrees, beautifull clear visibility no current and very little waves. It began with a 300 meter swim to the point we deployed our buoy. Warm ups were very limited, Walter Chivescu went first with his dive, we had been working on the pacing and tactics – when to begin the glide. Walter was comfortable with an ascent and descent rate of 0.8 mts per second. It turned into a beautifully planned relaxed CNF dive to 43.2 mts.
Jeroen had been consistently been improving his CWT in Bi-Fins, he has a very elegant and effective style, his equalising had been consistently improving with methodically increased depths. He had an excellent dive to 36 mts, with all the pieces in place.
Mikhail was the last to go absolutely no dramas here, a beautifull controlled descent with great style and pacing and completed a PB of 36 mts CNF, Mikhail has much more in the tank.
All the team completed their dives with perfect surface protocols, and no blue lips. Well done all! I take my hat off to all 3 of you.

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